Maybe I'm Old School...

But isn't boot camp supposed to be hard?

When The Husband went through it almost 4 years ago, it was a mind f***. Three people tried to kill themselves because it was so bad. There were no cell phones, no text messages, no off time or off days. Just the tearing down so one could be built back up.

I see people talking about their significant others experiences in boot camp (or whatever the branch they are attempting to get into calls it), and all I can think is "Are you for real...?" They have access to their cell phones once a week, down time, free time.

I mean, I guess I understand why drill instructors have to be so easy on recruits now: any one wrong move and that person and/or their family writes a letter to their congressman and that DI's career and life are basically ruined. But do these people not understand what boot camp IS? It's not supposed to be a vacation. You're supposed to cry, you're supposed to hurt, you're supposed to be broken.

It totally makes sense to me why the new kids coming into the Corps don't know rank structure (for real... The Husband dealt with some boots that didn't know the enlisted rank structure), have no respect for officers or those of higher enlisted rank than them, they don't know their jobs... they aren't learning anything because they just don't care. And they have no reason to, they can't be disciplined or corrected without the correcting Marine fearing a report.

It's sad.

Luckily, The Husband worked with a few boots in Florida that seemed to have their stuff together, so there is hope! :)

But really, CELL PHONES? Come on.


  1. Is this in the Marine Corps?! I'd believe it if it were other branches. But the Marine Corps has been pissing me off lately so maybe I wouldnt be so surprised...

  2. I completely agree, it's pretty ridiculous. K isn't even allowed to yell at the boots anymore or else it's considered hazing. The rules have changed so much. No more generation kill.

  3. I have friends in the military and they all say that it's super hard, but I'm not sure what "super hard" really means :*(

  4. i know! isnt it supposed to be a weeding out process? they baby these new marines. ri-dic-u-lous.

  5. Mrs. Muffins: Not the MC. But I know other branches have access to their cell phones once a week (more or less) during boot camp. But some of the boots that are coming in are totally unbelievable. *I* know the rank structure!

  6. SO glad someone else sees how bad its getting! There are so many rules now that its hard for DIs to be tough on them. But seriously WTh....are they gonna have cell phones in war? NO! are they gonna be able to say oh wait i havent had my two hours of down time today can we stop firing please? NO! bootcamp is hard for a reason and it needs to go back to the oldschool ways

  7. Ah I was JUST talking about this tonight with a friend! I just do not get how they're making quality Marines (soldiers, sailors, airmen, what have you)by letting them get away with everything! I have a friend who is a DI and it frustrates him to no end. Maybe one day, when our military is a bunch of pansies, they'll toughen it back up. They're already coming out with ZERO respect for their command because they don't have to respect their DIs... UGH, let me stop before I really get started! lol.

  8. I found your site from 20usb Military Wives group - and I agree my fiancée is a Marine and I know how bad boot camp was. My little brother is a year into the Army and his boot camp was a walk in the park compared to the Marine boot camp.

  9. DH went to a Service Academy, so I don't know if this is different. But he said that his was hell on earth. He had one day to call his mom for 30 seconds and say he was okay. But that was it, and a lot of kids quit the Academy because of it.

  10. Brandie:

    It's a little different in the respect that they could quit. It was tough for them, but if they decided they didn't want to do it, they could leave.

    In boot camp, they couldn't. Which is why 3 people tried to kill themselves while H was there. :/

  11. I never had a cell phone or down time (except Sunday for church) and neither did my boyfriend.. I think its stupid! I hear about the stress cards kids in the Army get, whatever.

  12. Seriously?!?!? What is the CORPS coming too? I mean come on!!!!!!! Don't even get me started!

    I grabbed your button for my blog roll by the way!

  13. Agree!!!

    Btw thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm now following you too!
    Have a wonderful weekend! ;)

  14. Wow, I sure do agree. My husband went through Ranger THAT was tough!

    Great to find another military blogging lady! ♥

    * *


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