As with all things in life and the Marine Corps, things change. For me, those "things" just don't seem to change fast enough. 

Oh how I wish instead of coddling me when The Husband first joined, they would've told me about the game of "hurry up and wait". Those of you that have been in this for longer than 5 minutes know what I'm talking about. Standby to standby. In a rush to go nowhere. 

Let me tell you, being a type A personality, that's a tough thing. I'm a list maker, I carry a planner with me everywhere I go. The fact that I don't know what is happening in our lives in, oh, the next 5 months, SCARES ME. Well, I guess I sort of know. The Husband starts training for his lat move; but there are 4 phases to that and he only has orders for phase 1 (keep your fingers crossed that orders continue to generate so he can move along quickly!). 

In order to cope with this, I have to look at it like Christmas morning... You want to know what the heck is in that huge box, but you can't touch it until Christmas. You sit there staring at it for what seems like for-ev-er (For me, it really was. Sometimes, my parents liked to wrap the big things right after Thanksgiving. Thanks for that Mom & Dad!). But then Christmas comes and you open that huge box and it was even better than you thought!

Okay, maybe it's a bad analogy, but it's what works for me so go with it. 

I know that soon enough, I'll get to open the big box (That will be the day The Husband gets orders to his new unit, or Orders Day). But for now, it's just sitting there staring at me... I can't wait to rip the paper off that box. 


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