"Only if he won't deploy..."

With the way the economy is, a lot of people, especially those with spouses and/or kids, have been looking into the military (this is an entirely separate issue for me, btw). More often than not, the spouse (usually a wife) is all gung-ho and "super supportive" of their spouses's decision to join... Unless they'll actually have to deploy. Then all best are off. They are suddenly, not that into it anymore. 

So let me go ahead and discuss this...

If you or your spouse decide to join the military, there is a very, very, very good chance that a deployment to a war zone is in your future. Why? Well, because we are still involved in two wars and the military's job is to defend their country. You see, it seems easy, but so often, someone gets wrapped up in "He's joining a reserve unit" or "He's got a desk job". 

Guess what! If you're in the military, you're deployable! Simple. I promise it's not that hard. 

The whole military family lifestyle isn't for everyone. Not at all. If you're not comfortable entering into it, don't. It won't get any better for you if you go in kicking and screaming. The only thing I beg of anyone coming into it is this: Please do not act surprised when your spouse gets called up for a deployment. Do not act as though this is shocking. Do not act as though this couldn't or shouldn't have happened. 

Yeah, there is a chance that you could get lucky and your spouse will never deploy. Heck, I know a reservist that has gotten out of 3 deployments somehow, but please understand, this is NOT the norm. 

All branches deploy. All jobs deploy. Nobody is immune to it, especially during a time of war. 


  1. THANK YOU! MIL is constantly, "but what will they need weather guys for?" Ummm, well they still have plains flying in they need conditions for, but considering H is MWSS, this is a moot point. They're all bodies.

  2. Cheers to that! I can't stand wives who act shocked when those deployment orders come up! It's like, "Hello? What do you think the military is?!"

  3. Well said! During this deployment I have seen the mighty fall, as in wives who acted like they knew exactly what to expect in the military but spoke too soon. Being a military spouse is constant adaptation and growth, and it's different for everyone. But the one constant is change...THAT you can count on!


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