Did you hear what you just said?

"Curiosity killed the cat" Have you heard that phrase before? If you're over 4 years old, probably. Humans are curious creatures, too. There is no doubt about that. But, there is a difference between you and a cat: You can think about what you say/do before you say/do it. The only problem is... some humans out there don't quite have a handle on that concept. Which I guess is okay if you're 6.

Some things are better left in your head. 

Often, The Husband (and even I) get asked some stupid questions or are at the receiving end of some really stupid remarks. 

For example:

To me: "Do you worry about him?"- No. Not at all. The thought of him wandering around in a war zone doesn't bother me in the slightest. I hardly bat an eyelash when I don't hear from him for 3 weeks. 

To The Husband: "Did you see anything?"- He saw lots of things. Trees, people, animals, buildings... Oh wait, that wasn't what you were asking, was it?

To The Husband: "Did you shoot anyone?" "Did you get shot at?"- This is a personal favorite of mine. Especially when it comes up during dinner (I'm not even kidding about dinner, either). Personally, I would like to be inside that person's head when they go ahead and decide that is a good question to ask someone. I wonder what that thought process is like.

I get it; you want to know. I want to know, too. Sometimes, it's just better if you don't speak. There are lines that don't need to be crossed and things that just don't need to be discussed. If you must know, ask in private. There are better times and places to discuss those sorts of things than dinner or a get-together. 


  1. I completely agree!!!!! And the dinner thing...yah, we know that one really well! My husband was in Recon and his jerk face brother-in-law, asked him how many people have you killed? AT THE DINNER TABLE with all the kids around! I love it because my husband ALWAYS makes the person feel so stupid!

    When he wears his uniform with his ribbons or metals, people always comment on the amount that he has...he's reply is, "I got them out of a cracker jacks box"...or..."you can buy as many of these as you want, at the PX".

    Good post lady!


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