I Get It

Have you ever just been hit with the realization of something, totally out of the blue? Like, you understood whatever it was, but the weight of it dropped on you like a ton of bricks?

Yeah. It's intense.

I was laying in bed last night. Just thinking about whatever. And then the enormity of The Husband's job hit me. I've always known it was dangerous. Being the wife of a Grunt will make you think about heavy topics and about deeper things sometimes. But last night it was different. Maybe I never really understood or cared to, or because I had my head in the sand about it. Whatever it was, last night, I realized. I realized that there is a reason why we've discussed wills, whether or not we would remarry if something happened to the other, where he would want to be buried. It's horribly morbid, I know. It... it's just tough and it'll bring you back down to Earth really fast. 


  1. It's something that we do have to talk about. I don't think its morbid at all. My friends that are "cilivians" do think it is though. But, for us USMC wives, it our way of life!

    I hope you enjoy your time together until he heads out. Hold him extra tight at night, and kiss him and tell him how much he means to you now.

  2. I have similar moments pretty frequently, especially during this deployment. I just try to take advantage of every phone call, every email to let Spouse know how much I love him. I really have no power or control beyond that.


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