No. Just NO

Okay... At the risk of offending some people (which I will probably do from time to time, forgive me), I'm going to give you a little tip.

Please don't, under any circumstance, buy and carry this...

Product Image

And dear God, if you do decide to get it, in the name of all that is holy and sacred, PLEASE don't attach your husband's rank and/or name-tape to it. 

It is not fashionable. You will not gain respect by wearing your husband's rank (and honestly, if your husband is that high ranking and you want to show it off, go with a nice leather designer bag). 

I know, I know. "It's so cuuuuuute!" ::insert random squeal:: Yeah. It's adorable. It'll be adorable for about 5 minutes. Now please, put it back on the rack and walk away. The exchange has fabulous designer bags for a significantly discounted price, lets go browse there. 


  1. Lol, there was a woman in 29 {while I was there} that carried that bag every day.

  2. Bah! This made me laugh!

    I guess I should return mine then? I keed, I keed!

  3. I was thinking about posting something about this, but you beat me to it!
    I completely agree.

  4. Aww I was totally going to rush out and get one. Then, I was going to plaster my car with moto stickers (even though I have a Semper Fi sticker for law enforcement sympathy). Get a pink digi cammie outfit and wear Crocs! EVERYDAY!!!!

  5. I am totally cracking up!!!!! This is a HUGE NO NO NO!!!!!! Great post!!!!

    I'm now a follower! I also have a military blog, Goodnight moon!

  6. lol...Kristian has a diaper bag like that and it definately does the job!!! Us poor folk can't afford the designer stuff. lol

  7. lol Randi, there's definitely a difference between a diaper bag and a purse, though.

  8. I just found your blog and I love it! Thank you so much for posting this! My BIL in a Marine and his girlfriend just had this bag made and carries it around all.the.time. I think it is so tacky too! If only she would find this blog! Ha!


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