I'm in class today and all of the sudden, all of these warnings about Trojan viruses start popping up on my computer. I think "Ohhhh, crap" and immediately download McAfee's virus protection program. I get it going and leave for home.

I get home and turn on my computer and the popups are still coming, but this time it's from McAfee, and it's telling me that they're still detecting viruses. Okay. So what do I do? Restart my computer so you can fight them, you say? Okay!

Well, here's the problem with that. When I restart my computer, I can't get online. I can't open Google Chrome, I can't open IE, I can't open Firefox. I can't open McAfee because my computer is telling me those files don't exist. So I call McAfee thinking they can help me.

I get a hold of someone and they tell me that I have a Trojan virus (Uh, yeah, I told you that when I called) and that they can do remote repair by taking over my computer and removing the viruses manually. Just $89.99 for this wonderful service. Or I could call my computer's manufacturer and have them do it. Sony charges 50 bucks an hour just to talk to them, so I agreed to let McAfee take care of it.


I get the remote repair people on the phone and they proceed to tell me there is nothing they can do, that they are aware of the issue as I'm not the only person experiencing this very same issue, and to call tomorrow after I've downloaded the new update. Yeah, hi, I called because I couldn't get online. You see, my programs have all been erased or something. How am I supposed to download an update tomorrow? He repeats his line about the update. I speak English, thanks. I heard you the first time. YOU are not hearing ME.

I hang up, toss my computer in my bag and drive to Best Buy where I leave my precious pink laptop and $350.

I later find out about this. I will never buy anything from McAfee again (By the way, I purchased their virus program today at about 1:30 PST, well after they knew about the bug. I appreciate their desire to protect their customers by NOT pulling their products for the time being). And I suggest that if you have any of their software on your computer that is requiring an update, that you ignore it.

All that to say my computer is being worked on by people that know what they're doing. I'm currently splitting custody with my mom and her computer, so if I'm missing, that's why.


  1. oh man i'm sorry, that sucks :( computer problems are the worst! i have a pink sony too and it's my baby.

  2. As soon as everything is back to normal and you recover (financially and emotionally) check out AdAware and Spybot... two free and very useful products that should help you out.

  3. bummer....i just went through the same thing. At least they gave me a military discount:)

  4. You got a military discount?! lol At Best Buy??

    Gahhh. I don't normally ask for a discount, unless it's a big purchase. I can't believe I forgot this time.


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