Short, Sweet, & to the Point

This is probably my biggest pet peeve...

If you're going to mention that you're a Marine wife in every.single.thing you say or do, PLEASE make sure you spell the branch correctly. This means putting an 'S' at the end of Corps. Marine Corps. And here, just in case you don't believe me, please, take the Department of Defense's word for it...

Also, your spouse is a Marine. Not a Soldier. Soldiers are in the Army. 

Edit: This one is for my Air Force friends. Air Force. Two words. Both capitalized. Learn it. Love it. 


  1. funny...and TRUE! Love it!!!!! I get on my bestie because she calls her blog, "Soldier's Lady"...we just had this talk again LAST night!

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  2. no beating around the bush, i like that :)

  3. I have a sticker that looks just like that on my car. Maybe driving around town will help spread the word that there's an "s" at the end ;).


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