There's Good News, and There's Bad News

Good news! I have a computer to use! The Husband was actually able to come home for a couple of days and give me his. He was supposed to be in the field until today, but they finished early and were released by 1100 yesterday. 

Bad news... Finals are in two weeks. Annnnnd I'm signed up for 18 credits next semester. Someone hold me.

More good news. I'm up to 31 followers. That's so awesome. Thanks! 

I'll try to keep updating throughout the next couple of weeks. I'm fantastic at procrastinating, so I'm sure I'll be able to find a little time to blog. 


  1. Good luck on finals... and next semester! Yikes!

  2. You can make it through those 18 hours! I'll be cheering you on. I'm so many kinds of excited about graduating in December. It's getting so close I can taste it.

  3. It'll keep you busy next semester at least :-)
    You are my inspiration!


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