The Proverbial Ball Has Turned on Us

This is how I feel today. 

The Husband checked in to his school in Florida yesterday. All was right with the world. He was missing some paperwork, but it wasn't anything too major. They got him a barracks room, he got settled and we were excited. No money out of our pockets! School is starting! Things are looking up!

Today? Dear God. Let me get a beer, first. 

Okay. So The Husband goes to work today and that's when it all starts. He was supposed to complete some online courses before he got there. Nobody told him that, so obviously, they aren't done. Because they're not done, he will not be dropping in with this class, but the next, delaying him a week. Oh! And guess what? They in fact don't have room for him in the barracks and there are no rooms available at the base hotel. So they're like "Well, good news! You can stay out in town!". Oh yeah. GREAT news. Even better is that he now has to rent a car AND find a room. Each for FIVE WEEKS. Did I mention that he only received about a quarter of his travel pay in an advance before he left? AND that travel pay did not include funds for a rental? It was supposed to pay for a hotel should he need it, but considering how long he will be there and all that jazz, he would still be short about a THOUSAND dollars. Just for the room. I haven't even told you how much the rental costs. And dear Lord, you don't want to know. It's obscene. 

So right now, we're waiting to see if they're going to issue him a government travel card or if they're going to pay him cash for it all. Neither are great to me. We don't yet know when we would see the cash if they go that route and if they decide on the GTC, I've heard nothing but horror stories about how they never get paid on time and affect the service member's credit. 

::sigh:: ::chug::

Once I get some answers, I think I'll feel better. But for now, I'm going back to my Mike's Hard Black Cherry Lemonade (which is FABULOUS, by the way) and praying (Is that ironic?).


  1. I love the irony:) I have felt similarly helpless, pissed and frustrated from circumstances just like this! This is when the "hate" part of my love/hate relationship with the military takes hold!

  2. Totally! They're really making me wonder why either one of us thought a second enlistment was a good idea.

  3. Deep Breathes! It's a horrible predicament but it will get better and things will work out. These are the moments when I have to remind myself that generally speaking there are reasons for everything. Hugs!

  4. Oh dear Lord. Well, the good news is that we have a booze cruise date on Thursday! If the issues STILL aren't figured out, you can look forward to the fact that they load us on the school bus with a beer in each hand until we get to the lake and have a plethora of beverage choices!

    I'm praying for you guys :). I THOUGHT it all sounded too smooth to be true ;).

  5. Thanks Britt. Your prayers seem to get farther than mine, so pray hard. lol

  6. I effing hate money. This post made me want to drink for you but seeing as that might be bad for the future soccer player that's currently residing in my uterus... I'll pour one out for you. Let's not tell Andy that I'm pouring out his beer though.


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