The Proverbial Ball is Rolling

The Husband left for his first phase of training today in Florida. I dropped him off at the airport in Palm Springs today and drove back to Vegas right after (Thank God for Coke and BBQ sunflower seeds).

I'm so excited. Things are finally moving along. Hopefully they'll continue moving along, but I'm just happy he's finally getting started.

I also just had a bit of a panic attack. I've been used to life as a grunt wife, I know how his current battalion works, I know his job, I know this life. So the thought of having to start again from the bottom kind of freaks me out. I have to learn this new job, his new unit (whenever he finally ends up with one), that new life. Scarrrryyyy.

Semper gumby, I guess. haha!

It'll be okay. It always works out. Plus; as good as he looks in his blues and sleeves up deserts, he looks just as good in a flight suit. Mmmm hmmm.


  1. Ah yes... the jargon, needs, etc are all different. I am also learning it all from scratch now! The good thing - flight suits are easier to set up the next morning! (And they are strangely attractive, too!) Thankfully it seems that the flight training paths have finally become unclogged!


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