What do you want to know?

Since I'm almost up to 50 followers (wow!), I've decided to let you get to know me.

Ask me questions! About whatever. Just about anything, anyway.

Some rules:

1: I will not answer anonymous and/or malicious questions. Keep it kind people. 

2: I will answer questions at my discretion. If I think they're too personal or that the answers give away too much information, I'll skip them. Nothing personal, just trying to keep the stalkers at bay. 

3: Ask as many as you would like. I'll answer until I can't type anymore. :)

Have at it! Have fun! Be nice!


  1. What are you going to school for?
    Where are you from originally?
    Is your H going to make a career out of the military?
    Do you like sushi?
    Do you hate birds and washing your hair like I do?

    That's all I've got for now.

  2. What are you going to do after you get your degree?

    What is your favorite thing to cook for your H?

  3. If you could be stationed anywhere (besides the wonderful 29 Palms ;) ) where would you be stationed at?

    Do you live life spontaneously or do you have a routine?

    What's your favorite thing about your husband?

    Are you going to get a dog when you move to wherever you will be stationed at?

    If you could go back in time to one day, what day would you pick and why?

    What's your favorite thing about military life? Least favorite?

    Who is your favorite character on Army Wives?

    What is something you're really grateful for?

    *exiting out of post, because cleary I asked too many questions & I sound like a crazo*

  4. I notice your from Vegas?! I'm here too and my hubs was also a Marine. Here's background on my question...
    Hubs got out of the Corps. almost a year ago. I though I hated it while he was in (back to back deployments, long hours, away from home...). Now we have a babes and I miss it, yes, me. I know if our country wasn't in a bajillion wars this would be his career.

    So... how did you get to the point where you were ok with deployments and moving and being alone... alot?


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