All About Me!

Here's some answers to those questions you asked me a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know... it's been forever. I'm busy! 

Okay, not really. But, better late than never, right?

What are you going to school for?: Psychology. I've analyzed people as long as I can remember, so I figured it was a perfect fit.

Where are you from originally?: Las Vegas, NV

Is your H going to make a career out of the military?: I'm not sure. He wanted to get out after his first 4, but they offered him a job in the Air Wing, which is something he wanted to do when he first got in, so he stayed. I would say no, but I've learned that can change, so I'll go with "Who knows?"

Do you like sushi?: I love sushi. I could eat it everyday. 

Do you hate birds and washing your hair like I do?: I'm okay with birds. I loathe washing my hair. 

What are you going to do after you get your degree?: I have no idea. I want to work with high school kids, so I'll probably go for my masters so I can actually do that.

What is your favorite thing to cook for your H?: Hmm... Spaghetti? Baked chicken? I enjoy cooking, so anything, I guess.

If you could be stationed anywhere (besides the wonderful 29 Palms ;) ) where would you be stationed at?: Miramar or Quantico.

Do you live life spontaneously or do you have a routine?: I have a routine. I'm trying to work on the spontaneity, but it's hard. Routines keep me sane.

What's your favorite thing about your husband?: Even though I'm crazy, he still loves me.

Are you going to get a dog when you move to wherever you will be stationed at?: We would like to, depending on a few things. He wants an English Bulldog and I want a French Bulldog. Hopefully we can get both, if not, we'll get the English Bully first.

If you could go back in time to one day, what day would you pick and why?: Oh... good question. I guess our wedding, but only because it was fun, and I want to tell myself to wear my hair down.

What's your favorite thing about military life? Least favorite?: Favorite- The sense of pride, the community, the friends. Least favorite- Uncertainty, waiting, the money.

Who is your favorite character on Army Wives?: This is tough. A couple of seasons ago, I would have said Roxy, but they're all super annoying right now. So I'm going with Roxy's dog. He doesn't whine.

What is something you're really grateful for?: Life. I've been afforded some wonderful opportunities and I'm really lucky. 


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