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The Husband graduated from the Naval Air Crew Candidate school last Thursday. He is officially done with the first phase of Crew Chief school. Did you know that they issue air crew the leather bomber jackets? I didn't. Uh. How many ways can you say "Hot!"? He was also informed that SERE is optional for him, so that potentially cuts his schooling time down by a month (The military wives know this is for-ev-er in the military world)! He could have a spot to the last two schools (they happen consecutively in the same location) in September, but if he doesn't, he won't be leaving for those until next year. So let's hope he gets a spot.

He headed down to the finance office the same hour he got home. The good news is that we'll make some money on it. The bad news is that we don't know when we'll see the reimbursement. The good news is that Citibank is usually really great about the GTC payments, so if we don't see the money before it's due, he can just call them up and explain that it's on the way and it won't affect him negatively. So yay for that.

So he's back in the good ol' stumps just waiting around while the rest of his unit gets ready for their upcoming deployment. And can I tell you? While I think he's a little bummed he's not going on this one, I'm quite relieved.

I also love having him just about two hours away again, though Sundays suck, because then it's back to 29 for him and back to whatever is going on here for me. This whole long distance marriage thing is for the birds.


  1. Hi! New follower & fellow Marine Wife.
    I can relate to you on the point of him being bummed about not deploying while you feel completely relieved. Marines. Sheesh.

  2. Hey there Im a new follwer and fellow marine wife. SERE that the prisoner of war training school?

  3. K- I guess that's what you can call it. It stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training.


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