I feel the need... the need for speed.

Or something.

Not speed. Just something.

Have you ever just wanted to throw all caution to the wind and do something completely irresponsible and reckless?


Well. Sad for you. You're about to waste your time reading this (because I know you will).

::bwoop bwoop:: Introspective post alert! ::bwoop bwoop::

I'm so stuck in a world of doing things the right way, trying to make everything work the way it should: clean cars, clean houses, good credit, a decent savings, a good education, etc. etc. Sometimes I just wish I could be that person who says "Ahhh, screw it. You only live once."

But I can't, and it kind of sucks. I can't get past the fear that doing something out of the norm will screw everything else up. That it will somehow scar the future so bad, that we will never be able to recover from it. It's such a stupid fear.

Sometimes I get the urge to just take the credit card with the highest credit we have, book a trip within dollars of the limit, and just go. To just live. To not worry about money, or school, or life.

I suppose I always could. I'm not sure if The Husband could come. He has the leave available, but we all know how that works sometimes. I wouldn't go without him, though.

What's stopping me (besides the fact that The Husband can't get leave)? Why do I feel so tied down to nothing? Why can't life just be fun again?


  1. I think about this ALOT! I say go for it sister!

    Its just money ;)

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could be more "lively" when it comes to doing crazy things.

  3. Hello new follower here, I absolutely love your title!


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