So, I've been recovering from my wisdom tooth removal since Friday. It's going... well... about as well as you can expect from someone who is a wuss and just had 4 teeth forcefully removed from her head.


On Monday, I got a phone call from The Husband. He received orders. 

Not the long awaited orders to school so he can finish the process of becoming a Crew Chief... 

PCS orders.

Oh, no big deal! He had wanted to move for on the job training and put in for Miramar a few months ago. Except they didn't give him Miramar. 

MCAS New River.

For my friends who aren't Marine Corps base savvy, that is here...

Jacksonville, North Carolina, my friends.

The Husband reports at the end of September. I'll go out there at the end of the school year in May after graduation. 

Totally not what I was expecting. Or wanting. 

But I'm okay. I'm getting excited. I'm a bit nervous about the cost of setting up a new home across the country, but we'll figure it out. I think. 

Oh dear. 



    I'm no OK with this. Just FYI.

  2. Closer to me! I'll take it (and visit) :) --Alicia

    PS not really sure why google/gmail decided to call my email "shrinking"...

  3. Hey girl! I'm visiting from the Military Spouse Blogging Community, and I had to leave a comment because I spent about 5 years in Jacksonville (for two years of that, we lived on base at MCAS New River). My husband and I live in South Carolina now, but my parents are still in the Jacksonville area, so we make pretty frequent trips there. If you ever have any questions about the area, feel free to get in touch! (My e-mail address and everything is on my blog.)

  4. Thank you, Samantha! I appreciate it! :)

  5. Hi, I found your blog from Amber at Goodnight Moon. Jacksonville isn't so bad... I tell myself it could be worse anyway lol My Fiancée is based out of there. The beaches are pretty nice and the nearby towns have some neat restaurants and stuff to do.

  6. We just moved from J-ville or J Vegas as some folks like to call it. I am going to be completely honest with you. I HATED IT WHEN WE MOVED THERE! Aren't you from Vegas, like me? WOAH was it a culture shock! Gas stations, food stores, and restaurants close! Thought that was insane. As much as I could say I hated it when I lived there, I sooo miss it now!

    It's great place for families. There is always something going on. Go to Wilmington, alot. Go to the beaches and try to have a positive outlook.

    Any questions? Places to live? Places to go? Email me...

  7. PS... When you PSC, don't they pay for the move? I remember when we were going through it they would either pay you to move your stuff or pack it and move it for you.

  8. I felt that way about 29 Palms. I hated it while I was there and now I would totally go back in a heartbeat.

    And yeah, they do still, but we're doing it a bit differently. They would move it all there right now for us but our stuff isn't in 29 Palms, it's in Vegas, so we would have to move it from here to there and have the movers take it. Not happening.

    And since he can't take everything with him right now, we're just going to wait until I graduate in May and move out there with him to do a DITY and get the money that time.

    Split households are a pain.

  9. Hey girlie!!!! I'm at Camp Lejeune right now. Let me know if I can help you in anyway. New River is right around the corner to us.

    We will be heading out to Pendleton the end of the if I can help you an anyway before then, just let me know:)


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