Back to school, back to school...

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School is back in. All 18 credits of it. The above is just about what that looks like. I'm still missing a book. 

That's right, kids. 18 credits.  All of which kind of make me want to drink a little. 

I also took a cold shower this morning because the water heater broke yesterday. Can I tell you? Long hair and cold showers suck. Though, after trekking around the campus in the 110 degree heat, the cold shower didn't sound so bad. 

But let's get back to college. 

Hi. I'm Mrs. S and I've been in college for close to 7 years. To all you youngins out there, take my advice: taking one or two classes a semester is a surefire way to guarantee your status as a "life-time student". Like me. But if you want to be like me, that's cool too.  

Also, being 15 minutes late to your first day is probably a bad idea. Lucky for me, I was on time. But I was totally judging the ones waltzing in late. It's so distracting. Really. And when you pull a FAN out of your bag and start waving it all over the place, that just makes it even worse. True story. Chick next to me had a fan. I bet there were grapes in her bag, but since she showed up late, she didn't have enough time to eat them. 

So lets review: 
  • Don't take two classes a semester
  • Don't come into your classes 15 minutes late
  • And if you do come late, please keep the fans at home. You are not an Egyptian queen. 


  1. hahaha, that's insane someone had a FAN! 18 credits; wow lady. good luck! :(


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