Did you know that apartment hunting from 2417.08 miles away sucks? I mapquested, don't judge.

No? Oh, well then. Lucky you. 

It sucks. 

The Husband found a really nice house for just about our BAH (Basic allowance for housing for all you non-military followers) and he's been tasked with calling the agent tomorrow to get some more information. In the mean time, I'm still apartment hunting. I thought I had narrowed it down to about 5 different places until I hit up the Camp Lejeune housing webpage and they provided me with a list of 38 apartment/townhome complexes. And me being me, I need to look at all of them. 

Someone hand me a stiff drink. A margarita. Something. 

I know, I'm dramatic and there are worst things in the world. 

Shut it. I don't care right now. I consider 4 months (at least) ample time to find out that you're moving across the country. I found out about this 3 weeks ago and The Husband leaves in September. 

Thankfully, some of my Marine wife friends have been helping me out and offering their support and wisdom to me (Shout out to Amber at Goodnight Moon! I know I haven't really been much of a bother, but I'm still getting my list together... So be prepared, girl.).


Why couldn't they keep us in California? 

Ha. This is the Marine Corps I'm talking about... what am I thinking?


  1. I know that sucks, and it really does suck a lot. You can do it though, lady!

  2. I have always loved looking at homes online - I think its fun, but actually looking at a home online and then buying has to be total different! I'm sorry you had to do this. As annoying as it probably is looking up every apartment, I think its a good thing. I would be doing the same thing - you just never know what else is out there unless you look! Good luck girly :)

  3. Are you moving to Jacksonville? I have to tell you! We lived in Puller Place apartments for about 2 years. I loved them! They are about the BAH and they are far enough away from the two mainstreets where you get some quiet. I know they also just built a new complex around there too called Abbington Place and Arlington West (Brand New).

    Any questions I'd love to help you out! ((


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