"Soldier's Secrets"

The man behind the Postsecret phenomenon, Frank Warren, is trying to put together a video of all of the secrets he has received from service members, veterans, and their families. It does cost some money, so he's trying to come up with some donations. 

Some of his other videos include:

Postsecret- A Valentine Video-

And the absolutely chilling and amazing Postsecret trailer-

Some of the secrets are funny, others intriguing, and some totally heart breaking: but all of them are touching in their own ways. I've had the privilege of attending a Postsecret event to hear Frank speak and I was also given the chance to hear some of the secrets that some of my classmates at my university were carrying. It's an amazing project and something that needs to continue. 

If you can find 5 extra dollars to donate to this project, please join me in helping Frank reach his goal and donate. 


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