I'm an Air Wing wife!

Well, kind of since The Husband is still in student status. But he is with a tilt-rotor squadron now for on the job training.

It's SO strange. I'm used to being an infantry wife and now I have to learn all these new things about the air wing.  Oh changes. They're so fun.

I still feel pretty connected to The Husband's old unit, though. Over the last four years, I've gotten to know the wives and other Marines in it. They're gearing up for a deployment to Afghanistan and I find myself still getting a little nervous about it. I know my husband isn't going, but our Marine friends are and my wife-friends are sending their husbands off. I understand, now, that whole "sisterhood" and "brotherhood" thing I've heard about.

As shallow as it sounds, I was excited that The Husband wouldn't be deploying (who wouldn't be?) and that I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Oh, how wrong I was. I'm still worried about it. And I'm sad that my friends will have an even more intense worry.

But I guess that's part of the reason why I like this lifestyle. No matter where I go, I have friends. Friends that understand and friends that can empathize with me. Friends that I can stop talking to for a few months and pick up right where we left off.

I'm glad we're still in it, even if it's in a different way.


  1. Once an infantry wife, always an infantry wife! Don't forget that :)

  2. The life of an Air wing wife sucks! The biggest reason I'm glad we're leaving Miramar!

    But us wives are really the foundation of staying sane. We stay together because if we didn't who else would under this madness?

  3. lol Alexandra!

    And so true. So, so true.

  4. Awh. It's understandable to be worried about your friends! Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get to know the people in my husband's unit. I'm so glad you had gotten so close to your husband's old unit though; I'm sure you'll never forget those people. :)


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