Stage one, complete

The Husband has officially checked out of his unit in Twentynine Palms and is on his way home for his leave.

Soon he will be on the way to New River for the next part of this adventure.

I can't even believe it. It seemed like Twentynine was it. But it's not, and he's moving on. It's so strange.


  1. I hope the move will be a good one! Good luck to your Marine and his new unit!

  2. Hooray for moving on from 29! I'm excited for you two and your new adventures on the other side of the country... even though that makes you much further away from me. We'll need to get together a lot before you join T!

  3. I know what you mean by thinking 29 palms was it! It's so weird we could be moved back to Alabama last month but instead its another 4 years! I hope you love yalls next duty station :)


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