It's Veteran's Day?

When did that happen? Where did September and October go? 

Is Christmas really just over a month away and Thanksgiving two WEEKS away? 

Oh my word. 


Yeah. It's Veteran's day. Yesterday was the Marine Corps' 235th birthday. Since we're not going this year, I decided to watch the Commandant's message on Youtube. That was after I watched the video I posted below. 

It was at that moment where this feeling of intense pride just started to well up inside of me. Have you ever had that happen? I usually feel that strong sense of pride during the ball ceremony, or homecoming. If you've felt it, you know what I mean. 

That moment where you look around your surroundings, or you look at your Marine, and you just feel such an intense feeling of... amazement. 

That feeling of "Holy crap, this is my life. This is our life. And it's freakin' awesome."

Then the gravity of what they do hits you. Thankfully, that feeling doesn't hit me that often because when it does, it his you SO hard. It's really hard to think about, sometimes. When I think about it, I realize just what my husband, and his brothers (and sisters) in arms, are willing to sacrifice for me, their families, people they don't even know... people that don't even care. And I don't believe that one becomes a hero just by virtue of wearing a uniform... we all know that there are some people out there that join for the atta boys... They're not the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking about the ones, that for whatever reason, felt that their purpose was to be in service to others, in such a selfless, thankless way. And that is such a great burden. Taking on the things that others fear or don't want to deal with, because who else will if they don't? 

All that to say that I am so grateful for my husband. 

He is an amazing man; brave, strong, courageous, honorable. 


The Husband's old unit has officially deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. If you all could keep them in your hearts while they are gone, that would be amazing. They already kick ass, but the extra support never hurts.


  1. Beautiful post and so so very true. I will keep your husband's old unit in my prayers!


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