How about a glimpse into the next 113 days of my life...

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Those are my books for my 6 classes.

There are 15 of them. FIFTEEN.


This is the part where I let all of you 18, 19, 20 year olds who want to get married before you finish school that you need to finish school first. I don't care if you want to be a teacher or fix cars, finish before you get married because it becomes like 10x harder to do. Those of you that do this with kids, hats off. Holy crap. 

On another note, I graduate in 113 days.


Oh my word. I can't even handle the awesome in that statement. 


No word on the truck yet. They told us we would have it back by the end of this week, but so far nothing. Maybe they're open tomorrow...? ::fingers crossed:: I know The Husband is missing his baby. 

Also, I'm trying to get back into shape. But I'm failing miserably. I went to the gym tonight and as I'm pulling into the parking lot, I see a slider truck. Not just any slider truck; our friend's slider truck. Someone we've known for years went into business with some other guys and opened Slidin Thru. So of course, I go and say hello and friend tells me that I need to have some. I agree. I say give me a few minutes so I can go run and I'll be back. 

I ran a mile and lifted some weights. The thought of sliders was just too much. I went back outside and I get my sliders, and this amazing taco which was a surprise from my friend because he's awesome. 

I rocked that food. Like I had never eaten before. It was kind of sad, but it was GOOD. Seriously. If you're in Vegas, find them. Totally worth it. 

So I guess I'll get back to that beach body tomorrow...


  1. You weren't kidding about a horrendous schedule! Oye. But, that 113 is super close to double digits. I am beyond excited for you.

    And where can I find one of these trucks? I have never seen one in my life and feel like I'm missing out.

  2. I think I like " Our Inner Ape" the best.

  3. hey =) i like your blog!!!

    feel free to visit mine at


  4. I have a picture just like that from my final quarter! You're so so so close to being done!


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