I don't know why people worry about trees so much.

I mean really... they're everywhere and they are feisty.

Case in point:

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And when paired with ice, they're downright mean bastards. (Forgive the crappy quality. I took these with my phone yesterday before I took it to the body shop)

This is The Husband's poor, one year old baby. We got her two days after he came home from Iraq in 2009. His first brand new truck. She has a name, and a place in our hearts.

On Monday, she found a place in a ditch off of a highway in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

We were coming back from Buffalo Wild Wings about 45 minutes away and it had been snowing again. No big deal. The Husband used to have a season pass to Heavenly in Lake Tahoe and would drive up there all the time in conditions much worse than what we were in, he knows what to do in case of a skid, ice, etc.

By the way, I guess this would be a good time to ask Buffalo Wild Wings (if you're reading), to open a location in the Jacksonville area so we don't have to pay a deductible (and possibly insurance premium increase) every time we want to have some of your deliciousness when it's cold out...


We drove to DC two days after Christmas and the day after the first snow here in J-ville. We hit some little patches of ice, but The Husband and his truck handled them beautifully.

Monday was different. We had been fine the entire way there and we were 15 minutes from home. Then we hit a big patch of black ice. Big. Way too long.

We started swerving and The Husband is doing everything he should all the while calming me down and telling me we're fine (He's so level headed in situations like that).

He almost had it when we got pulled into the snowy median and started sliding toward a row of trees. I watched in horror as we began heading toward two decent sized ones, and then in relief as we passed them without touching them. Then I looked up and saw the rows of baby trees. "We're gonna hit those..." And sure enough, we did.

We hit the first one at the point of the side view mirror, bounced around and hit the second one with the bed. The driver's side cab door was left virtually unscathed. The windows didn't break and the airbags didn't deploy. The truck itself was drivable and we were all.just.fine.

I was still shaking so bad I couldn't read the policy number to the insurance agent without setting my hand down on my lap, but we were all alright. How? I have no idea. That accident could have been a lot worse.

So right now, the babe is down at a body shop here in J-ville waiting to be fixed. The damage estimate makes me SO thankful we have a low deductible AND full coverage (I'm telling you, it's worth paying a little extra every month for a lower deductible)

The moral of the story?

Don't trust a tree and their sneaky friend, ice.

Okay, that and be careful in icy conditions.


  1. Oh my goodness! Glad you're ok!

  2. Just remember that we are in the south so even if he has driven in crappy condition before, they still don't put salt or anything on the roads down here because they don't have it. It's such a scary thought. I'm so glad you both are alright!

  3. Wow. And I bet the damn trees are fine.


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