The truck is home

After having our pick up date pushed back 5 or 6 times, The Husband finally picked up the baby on Monday. She was all in one piece and looked as glorious as the day we brought her home. 

Let me tell you, Geico's corporate offices are amazing to work with. Our adjuster IN Jacksonville on the other hand... she left a lot to be desired and it's AMAZING what happens when you bring corporate AND that person's supervisor in on the joke. You actually get your vehicle back when they told you you would! 

If you have Geico, pray you get to speak with Andy, the guy is awesome. 

I figured I would update you and let you know that we have the truck back since I've been ranting about it for almost a month now. Now I have to get back to my school work. Stick with me! I'm hoping to catch up this weekend and be back more often!


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