50 days

50 more days until graduation.

Until I don't have to study, write a paper, read another textbook (at least in an undergrad program... for now).

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it...

On another note, only 54 days until I move to be with The Husband. Finally.

OH! Do you guys remember when The Husband lost his wallet in Florida during training? Okay, so today while he was flying, he got a call. He listened to his voicemail while he was getting ready to head home. It was some random LCpl. He couldn't understand much from the kid besides "LCpl", "Property" and the return phone number.

The Husband calls the number and a female Sgt. picks up. The Husband explains who he is and said he heard something about property. The woman says "Oh! Are you [insert The Husband's name]? THE Sgt. [insert The Husband's name]?"

The Husband says yes, and the woman tells him "I have your wallet!"

Uh. Wut?!

She explains to him that she's been looking for him for months; The wallet was turned in last summer and she's been looking ever since. She didn't want to send it to the address on his driver's license since he's in the Marine Corps and doesn't know if anyone will be at it to give the wallet to him (we have our resident address listed on our driver's licenses, which is my parents' home), and since he had his military ID on his person instead of his wallet, she was having a hard time verifying the last 4 of his social so she could match him up since there are 4 other people in the Marines with his same name.

Anyway, The Husband gave her his current address and asked if she would be willing to mail it to him. She said it wouldn't be a problem and that she will send it out tomorrow.

How AWESOME is this woman? I want to send her a small thank you. Like a gift card to Starbucks or something, because seriously, the fact that she continued to look for him makes me think she's pretty deserving of at least a coffee or tea on us.


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