I am DONE defending Tricare


I was always the first one to say "Tricare is AWESOME! I've never had any problems!"

Yeah. Until I started having problems consistently.

Remember that bronchitis and sinus infection I got for Valentines Day? I went to urgent care for it.

I CALLED Tricare before I went to see if there was anywhere I could go. Nice man on the phone told me they don't contract with urgent care facilities, but that if I can't get in with my doctor, there are two locations where I should go. He told me that if I had to go, to call them before I went, or after. One was right up the street and I knew exactly where it was. I called my doctor and they closed half an hour later, so there was no getting in with them. I called Tricare right before I went, but their system was down. Nice lady told me to call back later and as long as I called within 24-48 hours, I would be okay.

I go to urgent care and call the next day to tell them which one I went to. Girl notates it and asks if I scheduled a follow up with my PCM. I already had an appointment scheduled for the following Tuesday, so I was just going to have my doctor check on me (which she did). Nice girl says thank you, have a great day.

I check my EoB today and WHADDAYA KNOW?! They didn't pay a freaking thing. Tricare allows 101 dollars... patient responsibility 101 dollars.

Almost every.single. non-regular PCM visit I've had this last year has been nothing but a hassle. What is so difficult about looking at the notes that are clearly there and adjusting accordingly?

I'm sure that when I speak to them on Monday, they'll fix it, but oh my God, I am so sick of having to do all this follow up because they can't read notes.


  1. I completely agree. They are obnoxious about any doctor that isn't a military doc.

  2. I feel like you're always on the phone with TriCare.

  3. I feel like I'm always on the phone with Tricare, too. Lord.


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