I apologize a lot...

And for that I'm sorry.


I've been swamped. Who knew that two 101 classes could increase your workload by 10? I didn't. So I apologize for not posting very often.

I'm currently on hold with Southwest Airlines so I can change my name on my Rapid Rewards account before I book my plane ticket TO MOVE TO NORTH CAROLINA!

Yeah, I've been married for over 4 years, but never changed my name on this account. There was no need. My wonderful Mother In Law is a flight attendant for them (So be nice. If you're mean and I find out, I'm going to come after you) and I haven't needed to fly anywhere far, so I fly standby, or on a ticket she gives me. But she doesn't have a must ride pass for me and I don't want to fly standby just to be safe this time, so I'm buying a ticket from them and I want my points.

I took my graduation pictures last Friday. I put out a desperate plea on Facebook a few weeks ago asking if anyone wanted to take my pictures for the announcements. I'm friends with our wedding photographers and they answered my call! If you're in Las Vegas and need a photographer, you would be crazy not to use Digs, I'm just sayin'. They are wonderful and they take AMAZING pictures.

What's new with you ladies? I feel kind of out of the loop!

Thanks for being awesome!


My ticket is officially paid for. I'm going to North Carolina! Weeeee!


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