Coming Home?

Can we discuss this tomfoolery that is "Coming Home" on Lifetime?

Well, it's my blog, so I do what I want, but I figured I would make you feel included too. Anyway...

Like I'm sure 90% of the military community did, I decided to check out Coming Home when it premiered. I was thinking "Well, this should be interesting, but homecomings are fun and amazing and awesome, so why not?"

I can't even begin to explain the feelings that came when I watched that show.

Well, that's not true. I can. Most of them were irritation and confusion.

The ONLY one that choked me up was the boy who was picking which school he wanted to go to and his dad surprised him for the press conference. And the only reason why I liked that one was because it was the least staged and faked one out of all of them.

I get they're trying to film a show, but homecomings are not staged. They do not happen like that. A television host can't just call up the commander of a ship and say "Hey, can you send home this guy so he can spend 4 hours with his daughter?" and the commander doesn't say "SURE! Let me coordinate ships and planes and spend millions of dollars for this E2 to walk around a bar in his cammies!" (Which by the way, apparently there was a Marine on the show this past Sunday who was wearing his cammies out in town in a bar in Oceanside. Another thing that makes me go "Wha?"... I did not watch, this is all information I've gathered from friends).

There was also one that broke my heart more than it warmed it. That would be the one where the two dads surprised their kids during an assembly in front of the whole school. The school put together a whole assembly, with every kid in the school in attendance, in a military town, where there are guaranteed to be more than just these 3 kids with military parents, so that all 200 of those little kids could see their 3 classmates welcome home their dad. What about all the rest of the kids? All I was thinking was that some of these kids are thinking "Is my dad/mom here too?"

That made me so sad.

This show makes me sad. If I wanted to watch a fictional show based on the military, I would watch Army Wives (which I do). This "reality" show is garbage. And I know most are, but at least they TRY to make it look real.

Alert to the civilian population: Coming Home is FAKE! Homecomings are nothing like that.


  1. I watched the first episode just to check it out. The school scene broke my heart. How awful would it be to have to explain to your heartbroken child why they didn't get to have their daddy.

  2. I completely agree! I watched it once, and I won't watch it again. I hate all the staging.

    I'm wonder though if the reason the Commands are working with the show for some good press.

  3. i havent watched it, but from the comments and reamrks i have heard from military girls, i dont think i want to. thank you for your opinion on it, save me an hour or so (however long the show is) of my life lol :)

  4. I'm glad you feel the same way I do! And it's so funny, because seriously, the ONLY one that's made me tear up at all was the one about the boy choosing his college! Seriously - the ONLY one! When it first aired, I thought we were going to see homecomings - real homecomings. This show is stupid & pointless. Absolutely pointless. And not to be all biased, but seriously, THEY are biased. I've not watched the show in 2 or 3 weeks, but seriously, I've not seen a happy Marine Corps one at ALL. It's all army, army, army, maybe a navy, random air force one shown for about 2 minutes, army. It's annoying crap.

  5. I haven't watched the show at all, but I think it's really weird how they would stage it.. Homecomings are so great & touching, why can't they just film the real deal???

  6. I also agree...I thought it was a bit over-dramatic and just reminded me of how much it sucks to not have my hubby home.


  7. I haven't watched the show yet, but now I don't think I will. Doesn't sound as "amazing" as everyone says it is.


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