Everyone okay?

Can my North Carolina girls check in? Are you all okay? Did you see any damage?

So far, there are 4 confirmed destroyed on base at Camp Lejeune and many injuries. Rumor has it the main gate is destroyed, but nobody really knows since they closed the road that leads on and off the base. We'll find out soon enough.

The Husband is fine. He only saw the rain and wind thankfully. We're only a few minutes from base, so we lucked out.


  1. I'm fine. We didn't have anything happen in my area. Which is just about 15 miles from Jville.

  2. We are in the process of moving into TT, and we live off Piney Green. (Two hardest places hit in J-ville). Theres a LOT of damage, but the main gate is fine. Mainside is really fine... I went to commissary today in fact lol. Last night the gates to TT were closed, but they are both open now. A few roads in TT are closed due to debris and trees, but the main road (Tarawa Blvd) is open. We're ok! Just feeling very lucky and thankful!


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