Shut down?

Yeah, it looks like those in Washington once again are doing the American public a solid and failing to pass a budget. 

In order to avoid a political debate in the comments section, let's just say I'm disappointed in every.single. political figure in this situation. Every last one of them, regardless of my political beliefs. 


Since I know not everyone is prepared in a situation like this, I have some news regarding the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society...

"If there is a government shutdown, the NMCRS will remain open and operate normal hours. In the event there is an interruption to military pay, the Society will be prepared to assist with rapid, short-term, interest-free loans to avoid privation with essential items such as food, gasoline and other necessities. To obtain assistance, the client need only show a military ID card and sign a repayment document."

If you need money, they will offer INTEREST FREE LOANS. Yes, you need to pay them back (duh), but if you're caught in a sticky situation like thousands will be, do this. It's better than defaulting on your bills and going hungry. YOU or YOUR SPOUSE WILL BE RECEIVING BACK PAY when the budget passes, so you won't be in the hole for any money. It'll be even at the end. Interest free is great, so take advantage of it if you need it.


  1. I am still staying optimistic here. I think this is just one big showdown between the parties. I don't think they will take our pay. (Well I hope not, at least)

  2. I'm trying to stay optimistic too.

    And I think you're totally right. Neither one of them wants to have this on their hands, so hopefully they get this done.

  3. Thanks for the info. I am also staying optimistic. It seems like a horrible thing to do but it is our government...

  4. I'm also staying optimistic that they will do what needs to be done and things will be fine. I am also disappointed in every single one of them up there. The mother in me wants to go to D.C. and make them "play nice."


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