What do you mean early?

Last night, I went out to dinner with my two bffs and we went and hung out at bff #1's apartment for a bit. As I was on my way home, The Husband called.

He went in late that day since he was scheduled for a night flight so he was on his way home too. We talked for a bit and about halfway through, he tells me that I'm not going to get to see him graduate. I'm really confused. Why not? I'm getting there two days before your graduation...

He's not getting dropped or anything. They just decided to push up his graduation. To two weeks from now. 

He's graduating almost a full month early. 


Hi, isn't this the Marine Corps? Since when does ANYTHING happen on schedule, let alone early?

Did I mention The Husband had planned on letting me pin his wings? 

::insert sad face here::

I'm bummed out. Super bummed. I've never seen him graduate from any school or promote. I told him he better be in the states when he picks up Staff or I might flip out. 

There is good news: Because of this, he'll be seeing orders MUCH sooner, so we'll know where we will be much sooner. Let's just hope that it's where we want...


  1. It took us 8 years for me to see a promotion, and I had planned on pinning on his chevrons when Mister picked up Staff. In the end I was to nervous and our kids were there too so I didn't.

    It is shocking that he's graduating a month early but how exciting! I hope y'all get somewhere amazing as a duty station. :-)


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