What? Where did THAT come from?

Those extra 10 pounds, that is.

I've gained 10 pounds since moving to San Diego. TEN. I'm too big for 2 pairs of new shorts that I bought 3 months ago.

What. The. Hell...?

Tomorrow I'm starting my summer shape up. This is ridiculous! This happened to me when I got to Twentynine Palms too, but it took longer than a MONTH. More like 5.

Oh dear.

Do you guys have any healthy, yummy recipes to pass on? The Husband doesn't like fish, so keep that in mind, but we're both fine with everything else.


  1. That's called "relationship weight." You just keep gaining it after being married because you spend so much time apart!! You can lose it! Try allrecipes.com for good stuff. I love that site and you can read people comments on it before you waste your time.

  2. It is probably a result of trying to get uppacked and settled. Who wants to cook when you've been busy doing that all day? Stress can do it too. Just make some commitments to yourself on how to combat this. Those 10 lbs will be gone in no time. Here's a recipe my hubby loves: http://lifestylefitnessusmc.blogspot.com/p/healthy-recipes.html


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