NC Hurricane Information

I was lurking on the Camp Lejeune Facebook page today.

There seems to be a lot of misdirected anger. Mostly aimed at the USMC, which is silly. They are doing what they can without inciting chaos or premature worry. There are millions of people that are going to be effected by this hurricane. Panicking and getting angry will not make the information come faster, change what time your spouse has to go in tomorrow, or change the course of the hurricane. Stop. Breathe. Prepare. And stay calm.

There are also a lot of questions.

I'll post what information I can in one spot. Pass it along.

List of Camp Lejeune Shelters

Cherry Point info- The front page has information about numbers to call to find out about shelters, personnel information about work status changes, and weather updates.

New River Information

If anyone else has any information, send it to me at and I will post it as soon as I can.


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