C25K was a total failure.

It was just too boring for me. Not to mention, I didn't have the nutritional part down. At all.

I tried on my bridesmaid's dress for my cousin's wedding tonight.

I couldn't zip it up with my strapless bra on. And could barely breath when we finally did get it zipped.

I bought that dress in April.

Uhhh. Oh no. Problem. Big problem.

I have to do something about this now. So I decided I would. I'm tired of being "skinny fat".

I bought the Tone It Up  plan tonight. I'm SO excited to start it in the morning. It comes with access to a whole community of other people that hold you accountable and encourage you. Something that I really need. And it adds an aspect of DIY and journaling, which I obviously love (what blogger doesn't love journaling).

I'm going to get my cardio in, then head to the commissary and probably Whole Foods so I can get my meals going. Unfortunately, it looks like I may be cooking two meals a night since The Husband isn't too fond of seafood or soy and tofu. It's a burden I'm willing to bear, however. I like cooking and I like doing it in healthy ways for both of us. The Husband needs the fatty foods. He can have my portions. I will give them to him gladly.

I plan on keeping you guys updated on my progress. Measurements and probably pictures. Stay tuned!


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