Is it really time for the ball already?

I'm on the hunt for a couple of things.

1) A ball gown.

2) My fit and toned body to go into that ball gown.

I have a few dresses that I'm madly in love with and are up for consideration. The Husband is a big fan of one of them. Big, big fan.

Of course, that one is the most form fitting.

I'm still trying to lose that extra 10 12 pounds that I put on since I moved here. When they weighed me at the doctors office the other day, I cringed. The nurse was like "You're perfectly within your height/weight range!"

That's nice. Except that it's not exactly settling in the places I want.

How do you guys get motivated to work out?

I have healthy food in the house and I eat everything in moderation. But my main problem is finding a workout routine that I enjoy and that I'll stick to. I would also like to add, the gym at the community center is kind of pitiful. The gym on base is okay, but I really hate having to go that far to work out, so if I can do it at home, that would be fabulous.


  1. Crossfit! I know you said you wanted to do it at home, but you could try a few sessions at a Crossfit gym them do the WOD (work-out of the day(s)) at home after that. (It gets updated online daily.) A lot of places let you pay for just a few classes without signing a contract and sometimes the first one is free.

  2. I am on a raisin brand diet- the extra nutty kind! I have had 4 kids and I am still 95 lbs in shape with no stretch marks! I was thinking about doing a post on it. But soo jealous everyone going to the ball! Second year of not going. I hope everyone has fun!


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