Okay so...

The Tone It Up thing is going alright. I was kind of bad over the weekend. I had a pretty stressful one, so I ate my feelings, I think.


But, I'm back to it. I did a 15 minute interval run today. I felt like I was going to die, but I did it!

Also... I decided to try to exchange my dress for my cousin's wedding. It was too risky to try to lose that weight and all the inches I needed to fit into it again. Thankfully, David's Bridal was actually willing to work with me and helped me out. Since I still had the tags on the dress and had my original receipt, they ordered me a dress two sizes up (OMG!). But... now I won't look like 10 pounds of sausage stuffed into a 5 pound bag.


Back to work, I guess!


  1. You'll get there, but I definitely support your decision to get a larger dress size. I hate it and feel terrible when women stuff themselves in too tight clothes for the sake of a "size," it's far better to be comfortable in what you're wearing!


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