What's Your Song?

So, one of my favorite bloggers, Goodnight Moon, started a blog link-up almost a year ago. Every Wednesday, she posts a video link to her favorite song of the week.

I decided I wanted to get in on it... I figured I like blogging, I like music, I like linking up. Why not?

My song this week is OneRepublic- Good Life. I love the lyrics. They remind me that I need to just let things flow and that this life is indeed a good life. The San Diego Padres play it at the end of every winning game, I listen to it as often as possible, and it's been coming up a lot this week, so it's perfect. I also need this reminder this week as this weekend was a little rough for me.


Link up with Goodnight Moon!


  1. I love this song too!!!!! It just gets stuck in your head doesn't it? I was going to pick the new Maroon 5 song, but changed it at the last minute. Thanks for coming over and linking up!!!!

  2. Love to sing along to this song!

  3. I love this song, its one of those that I like to jam to in the car to remind me that things may seem bad TODAY, but it will pass! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this song! It's a turn up real loud song, for sure!


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