So I'm back!

Hey everyone! The Husband and I returned from our trip to Ohio late Tuesday night. We had a wonderful time.

The whole point of the trip was to attend my cousin's wedding. She and her new husband have been together for what seems like forever. They've been together longer than The Husband and I have, actually. So it was a long time coming and we were SO excited to be there. I was a bridesmaid and I was actually excited about it. She picked a fabulous dress and gave us free reign over the shoes. How could I complain? Thanks Amanda!

Here's a few pictures for you guys. (I know, shocker!)

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Me & the Bride waiting for the limo

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The newlyweds leaving the church. (The Husband took this shot! He's pretty good!)

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Me wandering around the reception. Probably looking for more champagne...

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My other cousin Jim. The bar had just announced last call. 

We had a great time. But I'm so glad to be back in my own home and back in my own bed. 

Back to the grind!


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