What's Your Song Link-Up time!

It's that time again. Link-up with Goodnight Moon!

This week's song is a fun one. As a dancer, I love it, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't trying to learn the moves toward the middle of the song. As a native Las Vegan, I feel like this brings out my nativeness.

Anyway. This weeks song is LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem. Enjoy!


  1. So fun! I've been watching this video off and on for several days now. I also watched "Sexy and I know it" and was appalled and amused at the same time. Those guys are too funny.

  2. If you check out my thursday song link-up I featured this song played by The Ohio University Marching 110. It's fabulous and might show you hte dance better. lol.


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