Slow your roll...

I think we've all run across at least one uber new Marine wife once in our lives. The one who is supa excited about being a military spouse. The one covered in Marine Corps paraphernalia who always has to make a point to let everyone know that her husband is one of the "Few and Proud".

I get that. I was that girl once upon a time. However... I did not pretend to be the know it all Marine wife back then.

I am one now... But that took a while.


When I didn't know anything about anything in the Marine Corps, I didn't go around pretending I did and telling people "how it works".

Because I didn't; I didn't have a damn clue. About how anything worked. A lot of the time, I still don't know how anything works and I have to research things. And for that reason, I won't go around telling people "the bidness" until I actually know and understand it.

But there are some of those new wives/fiancees/girlfriends that think they "get things" purely by virtue of being with someone who has made it through boot camp.

I just want to yell "Chill.Out!"

When your Marine hits the fleet, and you have the chance to learn and navigate that aspect of it, then you can probably start passing on information. Until then, sit back and LEARN something. Answering "What color is the sky?" with "The waffles are in the freezer." is incorrect and makes you sound dumb. Take a minute to learn before you teach!


  1. This made me laugh because its so true. now im not a marine wife or gf. (even though i have dated one) but both my brothers are marines. and have been for a looong time and my dad and my grandpa. and i know a thing or 2 but no wifey/gf will ever actually understand it when they start spouting out their numbers and marine talk.

  2. A lot of the times some of the problem is they don't ask their spouse what sometime is or means. My husband is Army but I ask questions about everything, whether that make me annoying or not, I would rather be educated on his job and army.

  3. I laughed out loud at "the waffles are in the freezer!" And unfortunately it crosses all branches. I want to hand out little cards or stickers that say: Just because you watched that show "Army Wives" does not mean you have a damn clue what it is really like!

    ;) I feel you girl!


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