The bright side.

Doing the long distance thing is a fact of life for us military wives. It happens. We end up with months upon months of time spent away from our spouses. Sometimes it's willingly (like when I went back to school and left The Husband in 29 Palms) and sometimes it's against our will (like the famous deployments).

In order to get through those times, it is essential that we look on the brighter side of these situations.

I know how easy it is to fall into a depression during those times, how easy it is to get frustrated and sad, how easy it is to just mope and give up. I've been there.

But for now, let's focus on the good parts of these separations, because they DO exist!

This is my list:

1: I can eat sushi whenever I want without The Husband making a face. He hates fish of any kind and sushi just kind of sends him over the edge.

2: The TV is mine. Teen Mom and Maury marathons, here I come!

3: The bed is also mine. One of the things we decided that we were going to buy when we moved to San Diego was a grown up bedroom set. My parents bought us a bed and nightstand set from IKEA as a gift not long after we moved to 29 Palms. It was cute and served it's purpose, but the mattress we were using was not comfortable (For us. My parents LOVE how firm it is... which is fine with me. They're the ones sleeping on it when they visit now.), and the set is no longer our "style". As soon as we could, when we got to San Diego, we went out and bought a master bedroom suite. Complete with a California king mattress that I'm pretty sure is actually a cloud lined in gold that shoots rainbows that was made by mystical creatures that ride unicorns to work. And when The Husband isn't there, I get that whole thing to myself. If you're like me, I like to do what I call "the starfish" in bed. Imagine this is me...

I like to do that in the middle of my bed. When The Husband is away, I can do that without punching him in the face. It's glorious!

4: No shaving. Need I say more?

5: There isn't an alarm clock waking me up at 4 or 5 am. The Husband uses his phone for his alarm and the ringtone he uses to wake him up is less than comforting. It has startled me out of a dead sleep many-a-time. 

6: The radio and the seat in the car are always the same!

Those are a few of my favorites. I'm not trying to minimize time spent away from one another, so please don't take it that way. I know how much it sucks. I am however just trying to put a spin on it so we don't all end up in a dark corner of our houses with a bottle of Jack and "Arms of An Angel" on repeat. 

What are some things that you guys look forward to during your alone time?

Also: My best friend is also a blogger over here at Three Years Down and could use some words of encouragement. She and her Boyfriend are doing the long distance thing right now and it's tough! We all know how a kind word can help, so head on over, check out her blog and leave an encouraging word or two.


  1. You're so sweet!

    Those are DEFINITELY perks ... well, minus the sushi. Yuck. It is nice to not have to watch every show ever made about alaska or guns. haha

    Thanks lady :).

  2. I'm a fellow mil-spouse and Brittany told me about your blog! I completely agree about the tv time and not hearing the alarm go off at 4 or 5 am! I also throw in a chick flick and junk food night when the hubby's away :)

  3. My boyfriend and I just started the LDR thing when he re-uped and got sent to Camp Lejeune. When I am not curled up in bed, watching Disney movies and eating inordinate amounts of ice cream, I am cheered up by this list! It's nice to be able to eat somewhere other than Outback when I go out, and when I come home, I've found that there is a whole other list of channels other than UFC and the Military channel. Great list - love it!


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