It's a new year!

Happy new year everyone (yeah, I know, about a week late)!

I don't usually make resolutions, but I do have a few goals in mind for this year.

1: Go one full year without having to make an insurance claim on the truck. Ha! One of those stupid cement poles meant to protect property was caught on the wheel well on the passenger side. ::riiiiiiip:: And there went the wheel well. The truck is getting repaired. Again. ::sigh::

2: Get back in shape. And OMG, actually follow through!

3: Find a job. Any job.

4: Be happier by choice. I'm currently working on forgiveness, moving on, and enjoying the good things and letting go of the bad. It's a tough process, but it's time to start and get somewhere new.

5: Stick to our budget! The Husband and I always come up with budgets and we never stick to them. We're really bad about it. Well... okay. I'm bad at sticking to budgets. I see something I want to buy or do and I have to pretty much buy or do it immediately. But I really want to work on actually saving for things that I want. I think that will feel like a big accomplishment as opposed to just doing things on impulse.

6: Kick 2012's ass.

Did you guys set any goals for this year?


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