The best thing.

One of the best things about the military is the friends I gain through it.

After nearly 6 years and 2.5 duty stations, I've picked up a wide network of military spouse friends. They come from all different branches, different parts of the US and world, and different walks of life.

I truly am grateful for all of them. They are some of the truest friends I have.

Now, this isn't a knock on my civilian friends. If I call you a friend, then you're safe. It's possibly a knock on some civilian acquaintances, however.

My military friends are wonderful because they know. Everything. When I'm having a bad day because I'm sick of waiting around for news about some aspect of the military, they get it. When I'm freaked or stressed out because of an incident that puts us all on high alert, they get it. When life happens and we can't speak for a while, they get it, and they don't blow me off. Things pick up right where they left off.

I think that's the hardest thing about dealing with some people that aren't military. When I leave my hometown, it's like I stop existing according to some people. Or if things get in the way of daily chats, texts, whatever, it must mean that I don't love you or am over you.

The one (or two) things I've definitely learned throughout this is that when a friend moves, they don't cease to exist. Nor does their lack of contact indicate a disinterest or uncaring attitude.

But that's another thing I've learned throughout all of this... it hurts when people just toss you aside because you're not in their face at all times. And I vow to never do this to anyone, especially of all people, my fellow military spouses.

What sorts of realizations, good or bad, have you come to during your military life?


  1. after reading yourabout me" you sound a lot like me! minus the military wife part. . . so far. my boyfriend just dropped the bomb on wanting to go in as an officer after we graduate. and having a rough time adjusting to that, but this post helped see a positive to it! thanks

  2. Visiting from SITS Spring Fling - good to see another military spouse out here!


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