Being a grown up.

If you've been following this blog for a bit, you know that I graduated from college last spring.

I graduated with a degree in psychology. Just a bachelors though.

So. Basically. I'm just as qualified to work in psychology now as I was before I started college. But I'm in more debt now.

And while I love my job (truly. I love it a lot), I don't want to do that the rest of my life.

Because of that, I decided that I'm going to go to apply to graduate school. I've begun the process as of this week. I've reached out to at least one professor asking for letters of recommendation (hopefully she says yes...).

But this has left me with some big decisions to make. And lots of stress.

I'm super type A and I need to plan every scenario out for the future. I need plans a, b, c, d, e, and maybe f, just to be safe.

The Husband and I have been discussing when I would start and where. I want to go back to Vegas and attend my alma mater. He's on board as he wants to use his GI bill there.

As of right now, I'm looking at beginning in the fall of 2013. The Husband's contract with the Marine Corps ends 2014. Which means we would be apart, again, for about a year.

It's nothing we haven't done before as we were apart for about 2 years while I finished my B.A.

Honestly... it's not so much the moving and the being apart that makes me nervous.

It's the fact that The Husband is getting out of the Marine Corps.

He will be a civilian.

We will have to start everything all over again.

Finding jobs, finding a place to live, going back to school...

I don't feel prepared for this at all. And two years will be up before I know it.


  1. That's a huge change! I can't even imagine it yet. We still have another six years in, thank goodness.

  2. You are a survivor, Leah. Always have been. You take life head-on. While at times exhausting, it's what you do. You have greatness in you--a destiny the world desperately needs to see fulfilled. A sound to release into the universal stream that is uniquely you. If the road ahead seems challenging, that's only because it is. It's the "hard" that makes it special. I love you guys and am so proud of you. Take no prisoners, Mrs. S!


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