Care package time!

I was recently contacted by a representative from JollyBox about their product.

Every now and then I get emails asking me to discuss a product, and I usually just let them go by, but this one caught my eye.

Personally, I loved putting together care packages for The Husband, so I would. But I knew other people who wanted to send him something but had no idea what to do, what to send, where to start, etc. JollyBox takes care of all of that for you. You just tell them what you want in the package, who it's going to, and where, and you're done.

It's super simple, and I'm a big fan of this. If The Husband were deployed right now, I would be blasting my Facebook with this right now to tell everyone how they can send him packages.

JollyBox also wanted me to pass on a 10 dollar off their first month coupon to all of my readers. Just enter "FIRST10" into the coupon code box at checkout.


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