Cross Country PCS- Day 3!

So, yesterday, I told you about one of the craziest days of my life so far.

Lucky for you and me, day 3 was entirely uneventful.

Even though we were several hours and hundreds of miles behind schedule, we decided to sleep in a little bit. We checked out of the hotel right around 9 and headed over to Denny's. Again. For breakfast.

The news was on a few of the tvs in the dining room and we watched some of the footage from the storms the day before, including the one we had been in. Our waitress noticed it and commented on how massive the tornado was (they were showing a video of the one from OKC on TV).

Yeah. Huge. No kidding.

After breakfast, we hopped back in the truck and headed on out. We were bound and determined to make it to Vegas that day. The Husband had taken the full 10 days leave he as allowed and he really wanted to spend as much of it at home as possible.

Before long, we hit the Arizona border.

I started getting antsy. Even though I had just left home, I hadn't had a night out on the Strip with The Husband in a long time and that is one of my favorite things to do when we visit home. So I was getting very excited to finally be done with the longest part of our move and home, together, where we could get some good times and good food in!

It felt like Arizona took as long to get through as Tennessee did (Tennessee is a LONG state!). 

And then we saw it. Barely, because it was dark, but it was there...

Nevada! We were just 2 hours from Vegas. 

When we finally made it to my parents house, I was so relieved. We were done. Well. Almost. 

We obviously still had to get to California, but we had done that drive so often while he was in 29 Palms, so it was nothing. 

We hung out in Vegas for the weekend and then headed down to San Diego to start our long awaited new life together. 

A little over a week after our journey began, we finished it at our new place in San Diego. We had quite the adventure. 

Finally, after being apart for 2 and a half years, a lat move, a degree, and a road trip, we got to be together again!

It's been quite the year. And I'm looking forward to what the future holds!


  1. So exciting. Your trip sounds exhausting but what a reward at the end! It is so hard to be apart, so I am very happy that you get to be together again!!!


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