Things have taken off at break-neck speed around here. 

It seems like after Christmas, I barely had any time to breathe. 

I had two weeks off of work for the holidays and began packing the house over that time. Two weeks ago, we moved all of our stuff to storage back in Vegas. The Husband is moving to the range to be an instructor, and because of that, couldn't take leave when we had planned on it. So he had to take the time off to move our stuff while he was with his squadron, and that pushed all of our plans up by two weeks. 

My last day of work is Friday. 

We check out of housing next Wednesday. 

I'll be back in Vegas the same day. 

I'll start looking for houses about mid February, I think.

Annnnd... I'm still waiting to hear about grad school. 

This month has been a whirlwind, but I am SO excited about everything that God is doing and is going to do. 

This year is going to be quite the journey. 


  1. Yay for being back in vegas soon. I will be there visiting family in March. :)


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