Almost fully grown

I mean. I guess I'm an adult, but  definitely don't feel like a grown up.

Especially in relation to all of our friends.

They're all buying houses, having babies, getting established in their careers, etc.

I'm definitely not having babies for a while and I'm still working on establishing a career (Alma Mater has informed me that I should be expecting a decision, in either direction, about my admission to graduate school by March 15... And my head is about to explode waiting to hear something).


The Husband and I are officially one step closer to growing up!

We bought a house!

It's a new construction in a new master planned community in town. We have yet to break ground because we still have to pick out our details, which we will do this weekend, but once that is done, they can get started.

We'll be in it by the middle of the summer.

I'm still kind of freaked out and was totally petrified while we were signing the papers to go under contract (This is a HUGE deal!), but I'm definitely excited. We're already trying to figure out how to design the backyard, the extra bedrooms, window coverings, etc. I've already begun figuring out how I'm going to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Which my brother in law thinks is nuts... I think it's perfectly normal), because I want to hold both at our house (I WILL HAVE DOUBLE OVENS Y'ALL!).

So the excitement is definitely outweighing the fear. There's really nothing to be afraid of, I suppose. It's just going to be a big change and I've never owned anything this big in my life.

Now if Alma Mater would get back to me about my future, that would be greeeeeat.


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