I cannot wait!

We received word this past week that work on our home will begin by the end of this coming week.

I squealed when I read the email.

It's happening!

The Husband and I drove to our lot this weekend so I could take pictures of it as it stands now and our new "neighbors" across the street already had most of their first floors framed out. Those lots were just dirt last week when we took BIL and MIL to look. I was stunned and so excited.

We've been discussing what we want to do to the house once we're in it. The Husband wants to focus on getting some of the interior details taken care of (ceiling fans, chandeliers, and the pendant lights for the kitchen). I totally agree. But I also want to DECORATE ALL THE THINGS. So my mind is constantly going and picking out things for the whole house.

We're pretty much good to go in regards to furniture. We'll have two bedrooms unfurnished, but I want one to be an office/craft room, so break that down to one unfurnished bedroom and one unfurnished office.

The backyard will need to be done as it won't have any landscaping, there will be no patio, and no patio cover. These were all extras and we decided to put the money IN the house as these are all things that we are capable of doing ourselves after the fact. Thankfully, the front yard will be done for us so we don't have to worry about our HOAs breathing down our necks to get that done (Yes, HOAs. We have two: One community and one neighborhood... gotta love it!).

The backyard will be a work in progress. The Husband wants to do a majority of the work, so it will be done on weekends and during holiday 96s.

I'm going to attempt to finish my office before school starts at the end of the summer, which doesn't leave me much time, but I can work fast, and I know what I want.

Here are some of my ideas...

This one is my favorite, so far...

I also wouldn't mind that Mac...

Buuuuuut that's another blog for another day.


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